Yoga & Meditation may help as a complementary & alternative health care plan to manage stress, insomnia, pain, improve your physical well being and teach relaxation techniques. Use Cherrystone pads as a back / neck support and warming Cherrystone pads to help relax tense muscles. 

Sports injuries use Cherrystone pads as an ice pack to control swelling and heated pads to warm muscles and hands & feet.

My Pain relief tips: Contact your Dr before starting any new regime. Gentle exercise, massage, activity helps lessen pain by stretching stiff & tense muscles, ligaments & joints. Slow deep breathing to keep you relaxed and prevent muscle tension, anxiety will only worsen your pain. Pain can make you tired & depressed which increases the pain, practice relaxation techniques with Cherrystone pads

Aches & Pain. Hot and/or Cold treatments with Cherrystone pads to give relief of muscle tension, stiffness, back pain, stress, stiff neck, headaches, frozen shoulder, joint pain, knee injuries, improve poor circulation, aid relaxation and an effective treatment of many common pains we all suffer with at some time.

Breast Feeding pain may be controlled by using Cherrystone pads to support the breast and allow baby to feed in comfort. Also to control back pain in pregnancy apply warming Cherrystone pads to stiff tense muscles, ligaments & joints to aid relaxation and lessen pain. Bring relief to cranial and spinal nerves, unwinds your mind, soothes stomach ache and abdominal pain (inc menstrual pain).